1-1 Session

IQ Boxercise Group Sessions are a fantastic way to get fit. Our sessions inculcate a fun team dynamic that will motivate you towards achieving your goals. By incorporating training techniques used by professional boxers, IQ Boxercise sessions train every muscle in the body, increasing endurance and developing the fast-twitch muscle fibres needed for sharp, explosive movements. Our anaerobic training techniques will leave your body honed and toned, whilst strengthening your core, your balance and your coordination.

At IQ our aim is to build a team environment through fitness. Regular cardiovascular exercise is crucial in boosting productivity and developing positive working relations. Our sessions are the perfect way to release the stresses of daily life in a safe environment.

IQ Boxercise Group Sessions are carefully calibrated to match the physical capabilities of all those participants within the group. It is a hugely enjoyable (and even addictive) fitness programme that develops teamwork and discipline as well as health and well-being.


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An IQ Boxercise 1-1 session is a 60 - 90 minute session that incorporates the art of boxing through the use of fundamental exercise principles. 

An IQ Boxercise class incorporates many components, incorporating a circuit style class including boxing style stations, Focus Pad drills, Punch Bag drills, Skipping Rope exercise, Medicine Ball work and more.

Pads are used by IQ Boxercise trainers as the intensity of the workout can be varied from beginner to advanced.